At NIS America, Inc., we constantly strive to set the bar higher and higher for customer service care. After all, it’s because of you, the fans, that we have made it to this point today. We want your experience with our games to be smooth and without incident; knowing this, we invite everyone to ask us questions or give us feedback and comments about your gaming experiences with us. We will post any common questions, comments, and suggestions below.
Thank you again for all your support!
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I really want a [insert game] themed [insert product]! Will you make it for me?
Maybe! Head on over to Pram's Wish List and post a wish for your product idea. If it gets enough wishes, we may put it into production! Cool, right dood?
Is there a strategy guide for [insert game]?
We decide whether or not to publish strategy guides on a game-by-game basis. The best way to find out if one exists is to head to our Online Store and browse our selection of products. If you don't see it there, chances are it doesn't exist or is out of print. Keep in mind that our office staff cannot provide gameplay support, so if you have a question the best place to go would be our official forums or a popular game help site like GameFAQs.
I'd love to see NISA publish [insert game]! How can I make that happen?
Our website includes an official forum where you can post suggestions for games you'd like to see released, along with product announcements and game-specific boards. Staff members visit these boards regularly, so if you want to tell us about a certain game, sign up and let us know!
I have a great idea for a game! Can I send it to you?
There are two reasons you should not do this. First, because we only localize games and don't develop them, there would be no way for us to turn your idea into an actual game. Second, due to copyright and intellectual property issues, we cannot accept any unsolicited materials in any case.
Some of your titles for the PlayStation®2 don't work properly in my PlayStation®3.
Please check that you have the latest firmware for your system and that the game is supported. Because the games were developed solely for use on PlayStation®2, we cannot guarantee any backwards-compatibility and have no way of providing support for any related issues.
What should I do if my product is defective or damaged?
If your product is defective or damaged, please return the entire product to the store you purchased from according to their store policy. If you purchased from NISA online store and your purchase is still covered by the limited ninety (90) day warranty, you may return the entire product (including the box and manual, if applicable) along with your receipt or order confirmation to the following address, we will be happy to replace your item. Once we have examined your damaged product, we will send your replacement at our discretion.
NIS America, Inc.

ATTN: Customer Service
4 Hutton Centre Dr., Suite 650
Santa Ana, CA 92707
I've been waiting for [insert game or DLC] that has been released elsewhere. When is it coming to [insert Region]?
We try our hardest to keep you up to date on what and when we are planning on releasing. If the available information cannot be found on any of our websites, then the product is most likely being worked on or not planned for release.
My NISA members account isn't working and I've been a member for [insert period of time]! What's wrong?
Due to the substantial restructuring of our website, users who registered their old accounts with an invalid e-mail address have not been migrated to the new user database. We have attempted to manually correct all of the invalid e-mails, but a few were unfixable. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
My NISA forum account isn't working and I've been a member for [insert period of time]! What's wrong?
Our old forums were based off of, which doesn't allow us to export our user list. Please re-register, as the new forums are much improved. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
I lost my member id and/or password. How can I reset them?
Our Members section is currently under construction so all lost member id and password requests will need to be emailed to support mail. Please include as much information as possible.
How can I remove myself from your mailing list?
If you're an NISA member, simply login and remove yourself on the account settings page. If you're not a member, use this webpage to remove yourself.
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