Prinny "Body Suit" Sleepware  [21]
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Clothing and Apparel
Dec-24-2009 10:04 am
It's a sleepware of Prinny from head to toe!!

1. robbie - Jan-05-2010 6:04 am
    I would totally wear it! It could double as a Halloween costume too!
2. examoc - Jan-05-2010 11:28 am
    I agree with robbie. I'd love to wear a Prinny.
3. prier - Jan-05-2010 1:22 pm
    I'd buy this for my wife
4. eradose - Jan-05-2010 4:07 pm
    Being able to dress as a prinny? Who wouldn't want that?
5. vipes - Jan-06-2010 3:47 pm
    I would have to agree with all of you, not only would I like this, but it would just make such an awesome gift. I got my little sister in law into Disgaea, and she would love this I know it.
6. zleipzig - Jan-07-2010 8:19 am
    i'd like to wear a prinny. dood.
7. nappa0582 - Jan-08-2010 4:34 pm
    I would totally hit this with a wiffleball bat if it came in a size for fat people. WE WANT TO LOOK LIKE PRINNIES TOO DOOD!
8. alcyone - Jan-08-2010 5:34 pm
    I can't imagine this actually looking good. I like the slippers idea better.
9. yeahdood - Jan-08-2010 10:14 pm
    Sleepwear? Hell, I'd wear this to work... dood!
10. jvalent2 - Jan-08-2010 10:16 pm
    I would Buy 2
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