Dual Audio in Atelier Ayesha  [928]
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Jan-16-2013 3:29 pm
Publisher: Tecmo Koei is not allowing Dual Audio for Atelier Ayesha. This must not be allowed to stand. Show Localization Team: NISA that we must continue to push for dual audio for the sake of the series in the west.

1. otani - Jan-16-2013 3:47 pm
    Take back Atelier!
2. eriksharp - Jan-17-2013 4:50 am
    Take back the good dub!
3. kaitol91 - Jan-17-2013 4:54 am
    Don't let TK do this to you.
4. kardonius - Jan-17-2013 10:12 am
    I know this isn't something NISA had any say in but I'm desperate for pretty much any way to tell TK how bad an idea this is.
5. orgusscentury - Jan-17-2013 1:26 pm
    I'm concerned that this might be a critical decision effecting the entire future of the Atelier franchise. Please don't let down your loyal fans.
6. smjagain - Jan-17-2013 8:39 pm
7. loyaloath - Jan-17-2013 9:02 pm
    Please give us an option for the original Japanese audio. They usually have all-star casts while we get low budget generally mediocre English voices.
8. rylefury - Jan-17-2013 9:08 pm
    Think speak to Tecmo Koei about that, else the atelier games are doomed in US.
9. bloodyasuka - Jan-17-2013 9:41 pm
    I played most of the Atelier Series and I enjoy the Dual Audio. Please dont take that away from us. SquareEnix lacked dual audio. I like how you people stand out from other RPG games. Western and Japanese RPG alike.
10. zt86 - Jan-17-2013 10:47 pm
    We want the Original Japanese voices!!!!!!!
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