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Save big with the NIS America Golden Week 2019 Sale!


Lapis x Labyrinth: What is Fever Mode?

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I’ve got a fever...and the only cure is more treasure!



NISA Spring Showcase RECAP

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We’re only three months into 2019 and we couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come this year! Our NISA Showcase 2019 was full of new insights, announcements, and even a few surprises. If you missed out on any of the action from our live stream, we’ve got you covered with our Showcase Recap.



RPG Maker MV Console Releases To Be Delayed

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Greetings Makers and NISA fans,



SONY Holiday Sale 2018

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Our Sony Holiday Sale is going on


11 FREE DLC Titles Available NOW for SNK 40th Anniversary Collection!

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As we continue to celebrate the 40th anniversary of SNK, we are excited to release a special DLC bundle that puts more beloved hits from the Golden Age of arcade games in your hands!


Interview with Ruud van de Moosdijk (Engine Software)

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As co-founder and vice president of Engine Software, Ruud van de Moosdijk is no stranger to the challenges of adapting to an ever-changing game industry. With a career spanning over 20 years, his current endeavors find him face-to-face with an ambitious and monstrous project: porting the cult GameCube masterpiece, killer7, to PC. In this interview, Ruud shares his thoughts on porting games to PC, living up to the legacy created by Goichi Suda, and the evolution of video games through the years.


killer7 Notes and Updates

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Hey everyone! With the release of killer7 on Steam® upon us, we’re super excited to highlight some of the noteworthy updates implemented into this title as it makes the leap from GameCube to PC.

  • All drawn animation sequences have been upgraded to fit the new 16:9 aspect ratio offered by modern computer devices. You can see an example here:



Disgaea 1 Complete Patch Notes

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Check out patch notes for the latest updates to Disgaea 1 Complete!


SNK 40th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION Introduces First Five of 10 Free DLC Titles!

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SNK 40th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION will come to the Nintendo Switch™ with 13 titles and an exten