Running around the Back Lot

What is Assault Spy? A stylish, fast-paced, pure-action game with a dash of comedy. As the elite corporate spy Asaru or CIA agent Amelia, you'll experience both sides of the story as you dash, evade, and smash your way through the dark secrets of the Negabot mega-corporation.
Assault Spy had another update today, and this time you have quite a few new challenges ahead of you. In this update, you’ll have to rely on not only your battle skills, but your instincts and patience too if you want to keep climbing up the company ladder. 
Your new update, should you choose to accept it, will have you face off against the following threats:

New Area - Back Lot 

The newest story segment takes place in a new zone: the Back Lot. In this area, you’ll encounter enemies and obstacles that will challenge you to use your skills differently. Can you overcome the ups and downs of the Back Lot?

Stealth Levels  

When your weapons are taken from you, you’ll need to rely on a fundamental spy skill — stealth! In the newest update, you’ll find yourself sneaking and dashing around to avoid security cameras and guards as you traverse a set of levels designed specifically to test your skill! Can you escape?

Enemy Upgrades
The Monitor Man and Drone models have been equipped with the latest Negabot Tech. Be sure to watch out for some new tricks they’ve got up their sleeves. The game’s balance has been adjusted to introduce new challenges.
Take on this new assignment now in Assault Spy on Steam, available for a special Early Access price. Dive into the world of corporate spy espionage today!