Beneath the quiet town of Refrain, there lies a mysterious labyrinth filled with tantalizing  treasures, as well as toxic miasma that kills all who breathe it.
In light of this, Dusk Witch Dronya must send her witch brigade of puppet soldiers to explore the labyrinth on her behalf. When exposed to the high concentrations of magical energy within the labyrinth, the puppet soldiers spring to life and become sentient beings powerful enough to slay the monsters that lurk underground. Dronya’s witch brigade will expand over time to accommodate 40 individual puppet soldiers, and each member of the brigade will bring her that much closer to accomplishing her true goal. 
Let's learn more about these instruments of war:


Aster Knight
Foot Soldiers of the Witch

Knights who worship the stars above. Armed with heavy lances that require two hands to wield, they are capable of inflicting considerable damage to a single target.
Though somewhat lacking in speed, they are among the best attackers to place on the front line. 
War Spire: Crit rate +50 when attacking with a lance.
Mental Fortitude: Survive fatal damage with 1 HP, one-time only.


Assassins of the Labyrinth Depths
Practitioners of a fighting style from the Far East. They wield two blades at once to cut down enemies with overwhelming speed.
They make up for their frail defense by concealing themselves from enemies.
Shadow Step: Enemy attacks more likely to miss.
Dual Blade: Expert 50% chance to strike with both weapons.
(S+ proficiency required.)

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We'll meet more of Dronya’s puppet soldiers as we get closer to the release for Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC this fall!