A new update patch is available now for Kemono Heroes, which contains bug fixes and quality of life updates.


A full listing of updates and fixes can be found below:


General gameplay

  • Hanako no longer throws Fudemaru’s talismans.
  • Cactus monsters won’t become stuck in the ground.


Tanuki stage

  • Fixed error that allowed players to skip straight to the boss during the second playthrough of the stage.

Fire stage

  • Fixed issue that caused lag when throwing too many kunai at once.
  • Frame rate no longer randomly drops.

Moon falling

  • The moon falling will now correctly result in everyone dying.

Crashes, freezes, and locks

Start of game

  • No softlock if new players join during the intro cutscene or title screen.

Continue screen

  • Fixed issue where the game would lock if a player disconnects during Continue screen.
  • Players who disconnect during Continue screen and then reconnect will now appear correctly.

Final boss

  • No softlock if a player leaves at the start of the fight.
  • Fixed issue that caused game to crash when a new player connects before the fight starts.

Stage 4.3

  • Fixed issue that caused game to crash when players connect or disconnect while the moon medallion is flying during second loop playthrough.


  • Characters no longer spawn on top of each other in 4-player mode.
  • If the party defeats a boss with only one player left, the continue screen will show the correct player character in the following screen.
  • Fixed issue where a player who dies and isn’t revived in time caused the remaining living player(s) to die and respawn the fallen player.
  • Characters will now spawn correctly when playing stages that do not have a number (ex: boss stages, cloud stage).
  • Characters no longer randomly fly across the screen during the first stage after finishing the first half of the game.
  • New players will now spawn with the correct weapon loadout (Hooks, Bombs, unlockables, etc.)

Cloud boss

  • New players who enter during fight will now correctly spawn with their characters in flying animation.

Final boss

  • Characters now correctly appear when new players enter during the fight.


  • Achievement “Kijimuna” can now be unlocked by changing into the fishing enemy as Fudemaru and fishing in the ground out of the screen.


Thanks for reading! Good luck out there, Animal Ninja Masters!