We’ve had many opportunities to share the demo for Trails of Cold Steel III at events and conventions all over the world, but now YOU will have a chance to play one of the most highly anticipated RPGs of the year. We’re excited to announce that the FREE demo for Trails of Cold Steel III is available NOW on PlayStation Network!


Check out the demo release trailer at the link below:


With this demo, you can play through the entire prologue chapter, and you will be able to carry over your save data to the full game upon release. However, please note that the demo’s conclusion is past a trophy trigger in the main game, and since demos cannot contain trophies, you will miss that trophy if you transfer your save from the end of the demo.


A simple workaround we recommend is to create a save file before the final boss of the demo then transfer that data to the full game. Since the trophy trigger happens after that point, you will receive your trophy for completion of that section of the game without having to start over and losing your progress. Also, if you forget to save before the boss, don't worry! You can always start a new game in the full release and unlock the trophy naturally that way as well.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III launches October 22, 2019 in the US and Europe, and October 29 for Australia and New Zealand. Be sure to preorder the Digital Deluxe Version on the PlayStation Store before launch on October 22 to receive 22 additional cosmetic DLC items. Additionally, if you're a PlayStation Plus user, you can get this awesome bundle for 25% off!



A new chapter for Class VII is about to begin. Play the Trails of Cold Steel III demo and start your legend today!