What’s New in Assault Spy Early Access?

Today’s update to Assault Spy Early Access is jam-packed full of new features and characters and we’re excited to share all of this with you now! 
New Playable Character: Agent Amelia Hits the Dojo!
The game's second playable character, Amelia, is now available to try out in Dojo mode! Where Asaru's playstyle involves high-speed dashing and well-timed JUST moves, Amelia is a brawler with an aggressive play style. Make use of the invincibility she has on her attacks and get right up in your foes' faces! 
Practice her moves now, so you're ready to hit the ground running once the full game launches this fall! 
New Mode: Death March
With this new update, we've added a new challenge mode to the game!
Death March is a mode where you fight your way through floor after floor of enemies as a timer ticks downwards. You gain more time for each enemy you defeat, and the higher your battle rank, the more extra time you’ll get! There are no checkpoints, so if you get a Game Over or run out of time, you’ll start over from the beginning.
Smash your way through battle after battle as fast and as stylishly as you can!
New Gameplay Feature: Guard Break
A new Guard meter has been added to bosses and certain (tougher) enemies. Attacking these enemies from the front enough times will stagger them and allow you to go to town with your deadliest combos! However, take note that their Guard meter will regenerate shortly afterwards, so go all-out while you can!
Infiltrate the fun in Assault Spy Early Access on Steam today as the limited time price will be changing next week! Don’t sleep on this and miss out on a great deal!
You can also check out our newest clip featuring this most recent update and see what you’re in for!