Who let the dogs out!? Dood! Dood! Dood! Dood!

We’ve got a new Prinny avatar and theme featuring Prinny’s best friends...and no, we’re not referring to Lucky Board. Check out the FREE Prinny & the Eight Dogs avatar and theme on the PlayStation Store! Oh, and there’s a free Lucky Board avatar as well. (Sorry for the sick burn earlier, dood!) Check them out below!




Prinny & the Eight Dogs Avatar


Lucky Board the Puny Persimmon Avatar




Prinny & the Eight Dogs Theme



But wait, there’s more! In case you missed it, we released a ton of avatars and themes during the summer; check out our blog posts from July and August to get your flippers on them FOR FREE! Also, don’t forget that Disgaea 4 Complete+ comes out next month, so preorder your copy while you can for sweet bonus items, dood!