We’ve got one more Craft ‘n Stream left for the year, and what better way to say “sayonara” to 2019 than with these festive paper snowflakes? Join us on Tuesday, December 31, at 5:00 PM PT on our Twitch channel as we craft our snowflakes live during our stream of Penny-Punching Princess!


Looking to add some Netherworldly flair to your holiday season too? Don’t worry, it’s easier than opening a can of sardines, dood! All you need is some paper, a pair of scissors, a pair of hands, and print-out of one of the awesome patterns below. We Prinnies are partial to the Master Etna snowflakes, but there’s also a Lucky Board snowflake too, dood!











We can’t wait to see your festive Disgaea-themed snowflakes! Let’s close out the year on a fun, festive note. Happy crafting, dood!