Welcome back, vassals! A new week is upon us, and that means a new chance to win in our NISAWEEN 2019 Contest! And I’ve come up with a challenge so brilliant, so dreadfully clever, that even the toughest Prinny will immediately explode upon hearing it! Ah! I cannot even bring myself to say it out loud, lest I blow my own mind with how amazing it is! Fenrich, please tell the underlings what this week’s new challenge is!


Very well, my Lord. Vassals, you are hereby commanded to send us your best scary short stories and haikus.


Haha! Wonderful!





...My Lord, are you going to continue?


That, I shall, Fenrich! I’m just giving our lovely readers a moment to finish applauding and settle back in their seats.


You are ever the considerate one, Lord Val.


A demon as noble as I should always exercise the proper decorum! But yes, this week is all about frightful fiction and pulse-pounding poetry! Simply post your scariest two-sentence stories or haikus on Facebook and Twitter and tag #NISAWEEN2019 in your post. We will be choosing winners a week from now, so get your entries in for a chance to win! Hah! Look at that, Fenrich! I, too, am a poet, and I didn’t even know it! Ah, there I go again!


You truly are a bottomless well of creation, my Lord. Shall I tell them about the prizes?


Ah, good idea. Go ahead, Fenrich!


Very good, Lord Val. The lucky vassals who are chosen as our winners will receive a prize package containing a Disgaea 4 Complete+ Valvatorez Patch, Trails of Cold Steel III Class VII Medallion, and 3-poster set for Disgaea 4 Complete+, Trails of Cold Steel III, and The Alliance Alive HD Remastered. An overly generous reward, but I suppose you were never one to shy away from extravagance, my Lord.


Only the finest fares will do for a contest of my own design!


...My Lord, if I recall correctly, the vassals at NISA were the ones who suggested this contest to you in the first pla--


Fenrich, now is not the time for storytelling! Leave that to the contest participants! In fact, let us wrap this up so they can get to writing! Any last words before we go?


…Of course, Lord Val. For full rules and information, please visit the contest website. And for the love of Hades, DO NOT FORGET to tag #NISAWEEN2019, or else the vassals at NISA will be unable to find your submissions. Does that cover everything, my Lord?


That will suffice, Fenrich! So now, my vassals, go forth and create!