Greetings, beloved vassals and devotees! I, Valvatorez, Prinny Instructor extraordinaire, have some exciting news to share. From the depths of my unrelenting generosity, I have procured for you all...wondrous gifts! Oh, it will be glorious! I can already picture the jubilation, the revelry, the joy that even surpasses biting into a fresh sardine! Fenrich, can you imagine the look on their fa--


Lord Valvatorez, don’t you think you’re getting ahead of yourself? Perhaps you should tell them about the contest first.


...Of course, Fenrich, I was just getting to that! *ahem* Well then, you weren’t seriously expecting me to just give these wonderful trinkets away, were you? Nonsense! Just like how every Prinny must earn their sardines, you too must earn your prizes. That is why, with the help of the vassals over at NISA, we’ve come up with the most amazing contest, which we have dubbed NISAWEEN 2019!



Here’s how it works! Every week, for the entire month of October, we will present you with an exciting and creative challenge, and all you have to do is submit your entry for our challenge through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the tag #NISAWEEN2019. At the end of each week, we will pick two winners and reward them handsomely. There will be a new challenge every week, so you’ll have multiple chances to win. It’s as simple as that! Isn’t that the most splendid news you’ve ever heard? Haha! You know, Fenrich, sometimes I amaze even myself!


Your brilliance is astounding, Lord Val. But I think it would help to tell them precisely what prizes they are playing for.


Ah, right you are, Fenrich! Each of our weekly winners will receive an exclusive poster set for one of NISA’s upcoming titles, as well as amazing merch items. I offer only the finest gifts befitting of a proud and noble demon’s charitable spirit!


You’re ever so generous, my Lord.


So, without further ado, let’s start this contest right...NOW! Fenrich, unveil the first challenge!


Very good, my Lord. This week’s challenge is…


Well, well, well! This first task is no laughing matter!


Well, well, well! This first task is no laughing matter!


...Actually, my Lord, yes it is.


Regardless! For this week, your task is to hit us with your best Disgaea-related jokes! Whether it’s a silly sardine pun or a Netherworld knock-knock joke, we want ferociously funny entries that would make even the Dark Assembly crack a smile!


A truly impossible task, but I’m sure that your worthy contestants can do it, Lord Val.


I have the utmost faith in these willing participants, Fenrich. I’m sure they will perform admirably. So now that that’s settled--


Pardon me, but shouldn’t you tell them what this week’s prizes are?


Good catch, Fenrich! Yes, let’s see, what do I have here...ah! This will do nicely! The winners for this week will receive a prize package containing a Disgaea 4 Complete+ Valvatorez Patch, a Trails of Cold Steel III Class VII Medallion, and a 3 poster set featuring Disgaea 4 Complete+, Trails of Cold Steel III, and The Alliance Alive HD Remastered! Doesn’t that sound lovely? If that doesn’t wring a good joke or two out of your funny bone, I don’t know what will!


...Lord Val, that’s not how bones wo--


So what are you waiting for!? Head over to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and send us your funniest entries! Or your cringiest! Or anything at all! And make sure you include the tag #NISAWEEN2019 with your entry! DO. NOT. FORGET. THE. TAG. Otherwise, you’ll be joining the disobedient Prinnies in scrubbing toilets down in Training Level 1!


My Lord, we are forbidden from sending non-Prinny souls into training.


...Right, I got a bit too excited there. *ahem* Include the #NISAWEEN2019 tag or we won’t read them! Haha! Expert recovery!


A most splendid display of recomposure, my Lord.


So there you have it! NISAWEEN 2019 has officially begun! Take part in our Week 1 challenge, and if you have any questions, the vassals at NISA will be happy to assist you, so throw your inquiries their way! You can also review all the rules and information on this nifty contest website the NISA vassals set up! Now if you’ll excuse me, all this excitement has made me hungry. Fenrich, would you be so kind as to bring me my mid-afternoon sardine plate?


As you wish, my Lord.


And remember, NO HUMAN BLOOD! I swear, the last few plates you brought me were practically swimming with it! It’s like you’re being careless on purpose…


Oh, I wouldn’t dream of tempting you with such forbidden fruit, my Lord...