Disgaea 2 PC is given a weapon upgrade in honor of Disgaea 5 Complete PC!

You heard that right, folks! With the announcement of Disgaea 5 Complete PC, we addressed the Dark Assembly and got our bill approved! Now you, too, can add Disgaea 5 Complete weapons to your Disgaea 2 PC arsenal!
The following weapons are now available:
Sword - Overlord Sword
Gun - Brunhilde
Staff - Skadi's Ice Staff
Axe - Demon's Club
Requirements to unlock them in Disgaea 2 PC:
 - Have access to the Dark Assembly
 - Get the bill "I want to become a senator" approved
How to access the weapons in your game:
 - Get the bills "I want a Disgaea 5 weaponX" approved in the Dark Assembly
*1 There will be a number in place of the "X"
*2 The bills will have a high approval rate
*3 Each bill will disappear once it is approved, but will reappear if you sell the weapon
After you complete these steps, you will have the weapons that you desire.
Get plenty of practice wielding these finely crafted tools of destruction to prepare for the release of Disgaea 5 Complete PC!
Make sure you don’t miss out on this, and many more goodies, in Disgaea 2 PC!
Over and out, dood!