A deeper look at Alpha Mission and Vanguard

SNK 40th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION is packed with titles that we are excited to share with you! Today we will shine the spotlight on two more classics in this set: Alpha Mission and Vanguard

In 1985, the single-player vertically scrolling shooter, Alpha Mission, was released in the West. In this game you utilize your ship, Syd, and traverse an underdeveloped Planet Earth while destroying invading forces from both land and sky. The further you progress in the game, the stronger your ship becomes by collecting power ups along the way, ranging from bombs to deadly lasers. With two modes available in SNK 40th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION, we know you won’t be disappointed! Check out a screenshot here:


Vanguard was released in the West in 1981 as a single-player multi-directional shooter. The terror known as Gond has been terrorizing nearby space colonies, and only you can stop him. With limited fuel, you must pilot your ship and travel through a collection of zones to get to the final base where Gond resides and defeat him. Two unique features that stood out were the use of synthesized voice clips that announced the names of the zones you entered, as well as the guns you used. Enjoy the arcade version of this classic game in SNK 40th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION:


What does being in SNK 40th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION mean for Alpha Mission and Vanguard?
Ease of Access:
Both games, Alpha Mission and Vanguard, will be available physically on an up-to-date console that you can take with you on-the-go. Stop wasting quarters and enjoy these classics on Nintendo Switch. 
In addition, updated filters for TV and arcade modes (where applicable), cheats, an updated aspect ratio to match today’s needs, and a new Rewind & Save feature have all been added to this brilliant collection! 
Visit the website at https://snk40th.com/ for more information, and preorder your copy from GameStop. Ultra fans can get the limited edition on the SNK Online Store!