Battle Basics

Use your party of up to five members in turn-based command battles. The battle system emphasizes tempo and allows you to speed up battles up to 4x. You can change your equipment, party size, and formation in the menu. Battles break out when you come in contact with roaming monsters via the Symbol Encounter system.


There are seven types of weapons: Sword, Greatsword, Axe, Spear, Staff, Bow, Unarmed, and Shield. All characters are generally able to equip any weapon.


Although their performance slightly varies among daggers, long swords, and rapiers; swords are relatively easy to handle and offer well-rounded performance in battle.


Greatswords not only offer highly destructive power against groups of enemies, but they're also useful for defense. However, they're difficult to aim, so your use of Arts could make the difference between life and death.


Axes are really powerful, but since they're difficult to aim, they're not recommended for novices.


Spears are relatively easy to handle. They have a long reach, so it's easier for you to land preemptive attacks. They're also good for fighting against groups of enemies. However, enemies also use them, so be careful when you see an enemy with a spear.


Although staves don't offer high attack power, they can be used to provide support and nullify an enemy's ability to fight. Etheracts, which are needed in order to use Sigils, generally come in the form of staves.


Bows have high attack power and make it easier for you to land preemptive attacks. They can also be used to strike all enemies in a single, awesome-looking attack. However, the drawback is that you can't use a bow for defense.


Unarmed attacks may not be very strong, but they can nullify an enemy's ability to fight by inflicting internal damage. Unarmed Arts excel at manipulating and dodging enemy attacks.


Shields excel in defense and can handily intercept enemy attacks. They can even be put to good use as weapons. If there's no need to protect yourself during battle, just use a shield to smash an enemy.


There are Human organizations called "Guilds" spread all over the world. There are five Guilds. Each Guild has its own specialty. You’ll be able to use the services of each Guild as you progress through the story. Guilds can even help you in battle with support attacks if you fight an enemy near a Guild.

Recon Guild

Blacksmith Guild

Signimancy Guild

Library Guild

Tactics Guild


As you progress through the story, you’ll start recruiting NPCs for the Guilds. Some NPCs you meet throughout the story will volunteer. You can also talk to NPCs in the cities to try and recruit them. By choosing which Guilds to assign your NPC recruits, you can expand the influence of any Guild you want.