You'll have access to more than 900 different weapons throughout the game! Each weapon has its own attributes and skills, and you'll have to release their latent power to see their true strength! Some weapons can also evolve into a new one, allowing you to uncover the rarest of weapons during your adventure...!

Weapon Workshop

One way to make Plume and her crew stronger is through weapon enhancement. Bring the materials you collect throughout each stage to the Weapon Workshop, and you can increase a weapon's power and performance! Raise the weapon's base stats, unlock new weapon-specific skills, or evolve the weapon into something entirely new in order to take on the worst this world has to offer!

Collecting Weapons and Materials

Every weapon you earn and every item you find has its own unique rarity. So even if you get the same item twice, its usefulness will vary depending on that rarity - and it will also determine how a weapon can be upgraded. Weapons you earn after defeating a boss or high-level enemy have a better rarity chance, and you may also gain rare items you can use to upgrade your weapons!