Dash, evade, and smash your way to the truth as the corporate spy, Asaru! Uncover the dark secrets of the Negabot mega corporation as you save the company from a hostile takeover. Assault Spy is a stylish, fast paced, pure-action game with a dash of comedy.

  • Stylish Spy Action Comedy
    Blast through an army of security robots and save the company that was taken over by terrorists! These crazy spies don't know what they are getting into!
  • High Speed Dash Combat
    Dodge bullets with a dash, and finish off enemies with fancy combo moves!
  • Dynamic Action
    Defeat enemies and unlock new moves.
    The more moves you get, the more fun you have, and the cooler you look!
  • Two Playable Characters and Two stories
    Balanced and easy-to-use "Asaru"
    Breaking through with amazing skills "Amelia."
    Different playstyles with interweaving stories!