In dungeons, you control your main character as you make your way to the exit. Battles are fought in real time. Use various actions to take on the dungeon!

Fight your way using various skills, such as attack, heal, and status buffs.

A boss enemy is always at the back of the dungeon, and will unleash powerful attacks against you.

Beware of traps on the floor! They'll activate arrows or explosions when stepped on.

You can acquire various items inside treasure chests. Depending on the dungeon, maybe you'll find lots of treasure chests!

Famous Japanese sits from the Sengoku Era!

The dungeons are based on Japan's Sengoku Era, and famous feudal lords appear in the game as souls.

[Osaka Castle] A dungeon set in the premier castle of the Kansai region. You'll need to rely on your brawn to defeat the enemies, and your brain to navigate its labyrinthine corridors.

[Anegawa] The first dungeon you tackle. To access the room that contains the exit, you must defeat the enmies guarding it.

[Mutsu] A dungeon by the water. Deep inside the dungeon, there is a boss that has a connection to Masamune's regrets.

Laying in Wait

In dungeons, there are monsters and traps laying in wait for the main character. Occasionally, you may need to fight an enormous Boss monster. Observe their attack patterns and positioning to defeat them!

Umbrella Monster. It attacks by spinning around and slamming into you.

A giant monster that appears in snowy mountains. It can attack in all directions, making it very dangerous.

A dragon monster that attacks with its powerful breath. You'll fall victim to its breath if you attack it from the front.

A catfish-like boss, that attacks by shaking the ground. You can avoid it by jumping at the right moment.

A fire-breathing Yamato no Orochi. Attack it while also avoiding its flames.

An angel-like boss. Its attacks home in on the target's location.

Hunger trap. A sphere will appear to pursue the player, attempting to devour them with its mouth.

Blade trap. The blades spin along a set path. Try to avoid them by timing your movements.


Extra Dungeon