Spike Chunsoft

To escape from this island, the Ultimate students of Hope’s Peak Academy must kill each other yet again. After the body discovery announcement, the students are given time to conduct an investigation. Afterward, a class trial will begin in order to identify the blackened killer.

During your Free Time in between killings, you will be able to talk to the other students and get to know them better.

Once a murder occurs and three or more people have discovered the body, Monokuma will use the monitors placed throughout the island to issue his "body discovery announcement".

During your investigation, you can gather clues by examining the scene of the crime or by asking other students for information.

During the trial, you will use the evidence you found during your investigation to deduce the identity of the killer. Point out your classmates’ lies and contradictions to finger the culprit.

The killer will be punished by headmaster Monokuma...