The Guided Fate Paradox™

Prologue Chapters

Chapter 1: The Angels’ Tea Party Preparation

My first impression of this new Celestia base was pretty much,
“Huh. This place is weird.”

I mean, there aren’t nearly enough angels stationed here—only six, includin’ me. And each of ‘em have at least two or three personality quirks that make me think it’d be pretty dumb to get on their bad sides.

This is what I’ve learned so far...

Galtion Himekawa is the straightest shooter of the bunch, if you ask me. I dunno what that bearded guy is thinkin’ most of the time, but he acts like a mediator and keeps everyone from raisin’ too much of a ruckus. I gotta admit, he looks pretty fishy when he smiles.

Rakiel Ijuin is as cold as ice. I went way outta my way to talk to him, but the conversation stopped every time I shut my mouth. Like, he wouldn’t give more than one or two word answers. He’s definitely the type of guy with a “leave me alone” aura. He’s handsome, sure, but man...

Cheriel Ayanokoji is an extremely perverted lady. Every time she opens her mouth, idle gossip borderin’ on sexual harassment pours out. Uh, but she’s got world class boobs—I’ll give her that—but I personally think they’re a bit too big. I wonder if her shoulders get sore...

Lanael Shiratori is a lost cause as an angel. She’s completely deluded and imagines all these complicated situations, or she’ll start talking about some “second name” business every chance she gets... It’s total garbage, if you ask me. She changes her second name all the time, too. I can’t believe she makes all that stuff up on the fly.

As for Neliel Tojo...I don’t know much about her. I mean, she’s a total shut-in. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her leave her room once since I got here. I have no idea what’s going on in that room, but I do know that for whatever reason, she lets that Galtion guy come and go, but nobody else.

Last but not least is me, Kuroiel Ryuzaki. I guess I shouldn’t be talkin’ so much smack when I’m not perfect, either. Still, I’m doin’ my best to fit in with this crew here. If I can toot my own horn a bit, I gotta say I’m pretty good at cooking, baking, and brewing some special teas. It’ll be great if I can get everyone to smile by eating what I prepare.

That was my mentality when I started my new life at this base, but...

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