The Longest Five Minutes

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Our hero faces the origin of all evil, the Demon King himself, but suddenly loses all memories of his adventure. His finishing moves, the name of his hometown, and even the reason he's trying to defeat the Demon King in the first place, all gone. Our hero feels as though he's letting his allies down... In the midst of battle, his ally's words and the Demon King's taunting triggers flashbacks, bringing his memories back piece by piece. Our hero tries to regain his priceless memories before it's too late, but the Demon King stands before him, his power unyielding! What can happen in The Longest Five Minutes!?


All of a sudden, the Demon King appears! ▼

The moment you begin The Longest Five Minutes, you will be thrust into battle with the final boss, the Demon King! This battle will advance by the choices that you make. While the Demon King's power builds, the story will develop through the dialogue that you have with your allies and the Demon King himself. In 5 minutes, the Demon King will win the battle, and his evil will reign supreme over the world! Can you stop him!?


The Demon King stands before him...that's what his allies are telling him, at least. But our hero, Flash, doesn't even remember why he's there! Where did the memories of all his adventures go!?

Our hero goes on a quest through his memories. ▼

Our protagonist loses all of his memories prior to the final bout with the Demon King. He's forgotten his ultimate technique, the name of his hometown, and even what he's fighting for. But while he's fighting the Demon King, his memories start to come back to him... He hero will reexperience his memories in the form of a traditional RPG. You will have to relive all of our hero's memories from the day he began his quest: trials and tribulations, squabbles with his friends, and even the acquiring of his mighty sword.

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His memories are inside the RPG! ▼

The memories our hero has reexperienced will come back to him during the battle with the Demon King. Our hero was initially perplexed, having lost his memories. But suddenly, he remembers how to counter strong magic attacks, his reason for fighting the Demon King, and where his determination comes from!


I am the chosen hero!

With each memory, he becomes stronger!!! ▼

The story will advance by going back and forth between the Battle with the Demon King (Adventure segment) and the hero's memories (RPG segment). By reexperiencing the many memories of his adventures, the hero begins to return to his original self.

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The hero will complete his journey once again in his memories, and piece by piece he will become stronger.

If only I had been nicer to him, he would have...

If only I had been nicer to him, he would have...

That's right! I remember! This is where I decided who to bring with me!


During his quest, our hero came to a crossroads when he had to choose between his two allies... He completely forgot about that...

If only I had been nicer to him, he would have...

[If you choose Regent]

I decided to go on my adventure with Regent. The fresh air will help with his recovery, and I'll get Yanagi's Musashibou amulet.

[If you choose Yanagi]

I decided to take Yanagi, the world-traveling merchant, on my journey and leave Regent to his recovery.

The battle with the Demon King will unfold differently depending on which ally you choose!

The memories become ever more beautiful!

In that battle, we were so in sync with our attacks, and Clover supported me perfectly...

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The hero has a tendency to glamorize his memories. You cannot bring the items you gained in the RPG segments to the battle with the Demon King, but, if you perform well during the hero's flashbacks, your reexperience level will grow.

Hero, become stronger in your memories!

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Your reexperience level is added to your RPG level during the RPG segments. Your RPG level is determined by which flashback you're experiencing, but your reexperience level is based on your performance. Just like any RPG, your characters will become stronger the more quests you complete and monsters you defeat!

Beautiful memories will forever lie in the heart...

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Your reexperience points transfer over, memory to memory. By reexperiencing his memories through flashbacks, our hero and his party grows ever stronger. And his memories become more beautiful!

Your memories have been recorded!

I just remembered it! I should record it this time so I don't forget!


After you've reexperienced an event, you can replay that RPG segment in the Memory Album.

The events that liven up the adventure!


You'll find plenty of quests in the RPG segments of the game. When the story progresses, you'll receive reexperience points. By loading up a memory from the Memory Album, you can go after incomplete quests that you missed the first time around.

A little break from the Adventures

One of our hero's memories is a fond one: his vacation at an amusement park! You can get more Reexperience points by completing the minigames!

  • [Super Chain Reaction! Star Dust Arrow!] Screenshot

    In this minigame, you move the character left and right while he shoots arrows upward. When an enemy is struck with an arrow, it explodes, and the explosion hits nearby enemies too!

  • [Haunted Run] Screenshot

    In this minigame, you just keep on running! The longer you run, the higher your score! Be sure to grab those coins for an even higher score!

  • [Slot Machine] Screenshot

    A 5-reel slot machine! Win coins! Cha-ching!

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The Hero That Has Forgotten Everything - Flash Back

The protagonist of this story. As a Hero, he and his three childhood friends decide to go on a quest. In the midst of trying to defeat the Demon King, he forgets all memories of his past adventures. He's a little careless and has a tendency to glamorize his memories.

That's right... I remember!

Flash Back

A Tough Guy Magician You Just Can't Hate - Regent Nightfever

Born from magical parents, he has a big mouth and is quick to get into fights. A wandering bard. He's determined to make it as a musician, but his magic talent blossoms instead.

You're everyone's Hero!

Regent Nightfever

The Picture-Perfect Priestess of Stockwood - Clover Shirotsumekusa

She is a bit shy, but is a nice priestess with a strong will. She helps everyone she sees and is always taking care of everyone.

I don't know for sure, but... If it's not the Fog's, it might be the Demon King's Malice!

Clover Shirotsumekusa

Hard Punch Style - Yuzu Nanakorobi

Although she's the big sister type, she has a clumsy side to her. A happy, energetic martial artist. Making use of her physical ability, she tosses around the Demon King with ease.

Looks like you've still got some of your memories!

Yuzu Nanakorobi

The Source of Evil - Demon King

The Demon King is said to be the source of all evil. He covered the whole world in his dark Fog. A fierce battle of enormous power unfolds between the Demon King and our heroes!

Now, come! Feast your eyes on me, and know that I am your King!!!

Demon King

The son of a peddler that travels around the world. - Yanagi Musashibou

A naïve and kind-hearted warrior who is the only son of the family-run tool shop Musashibou. In order to help his family business, he took some of the merchandise and is peddling it around the world.

Yanagi Musashibou

The Genius Scholar of Magic - Chloe Fuunji

A magician admitted into magic school at a young age, overflowing with talent. She loves reading and does so whenever she has the time.

Chloe Fuunji

The Hot-Spring-Loving Coward Ninja - Kogure Humach

A cowardly, lazy ninja that loves hot springs more than food. His father is a legendary ninja who was called the 'Speed of Sound Shigure.'

Kogure Humach


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