Spectral Souls - Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires

What's New?

Sept. 29, 2006
Check out the new Spectral Souls Gameplay Battle Scenes!
Sept. 28, 2006
3 More Spectral Souls PSP Wallpapers for you!
Next Week Update: New Trailer: Battles!
Sept. 22, 2006
Adorn your PSP with Spectral Souls wallpapers!
Sept. 21, 2006
Learn about Synthesis and Capture!
Sept. 15, 2006
Take a look at some of the main characters in action in our newest trailer!
Next Week Update: More Characters and Synthesis!
Sept. 12, 2006
Pre-orders begin at NISA online store!!Pre-order to WIN "Idea Factory All in One DVD"!!
Sept. 07, 2006
More Character Profiles added, as well as detailed info about all your Attack Options!
Next Week Update: New Trailer: Character Introductions
Sept. 01, 2006
Get a glimpse of some of the in-battle excitement in Spectral Souls!
Next Week Update: New Characters and Attack Patterns
Aug. 24, 2006
Check out the new Character Profiles and learn the basics of the Battle System!
Next Week Update: New Trailer: Basic Combat Tutorial.
Aug. 18, 2006
The Spectral Souls site kicks off with some Story background, a brief description of the Game Flow, and the first wave of Character Profiles.
Next Week Update: More characters and Battle System.