The vicious "Lineage Types" that endanger your party

What are "Lineage Types"?

A monster with infinite lives.
To completely annihilate them, you have to take the "Blood Crystals" that lie within them.
Only the Chosen Ones can perform this feat.

A registry for hunting Lineage Types

The Wanted Lineages list compiles information about the Lineage Types that appear in every labyrinth.
You may have to perform special tasks in order for some Lineage Types to appear.
Use the information written in Wanted Lineages to come up with a battle plan.

Kuku & Lili

Small monsters that always travel in pairs.
Naturally, they attack twice in one turn.

Gold General

A magic knight that awoke as a Lineage Type.
He's strong in every way and attacks anyone that carries a certain item...

Ta Datoki

The leader of a group of assassins from the Valley of the Ruined. A skilled swordsman, he is hunted down by the Strangers as a Lineage Type.

Flame & Ice

An unusual spirit Charon created by fusing flame and water spirits. It requires massive power to fuse.

It will follow the adventurers closely and
blow magical breath from each mouth.

Charon's Vessel

A ship Charon made to take revenge on a flying castle that wronged him. Moves with magic and has a dangerous cannon.

A strong enemy that cannot be damaged by normal attacks.
Try to find a way to defeat it!

Black Baron

A prototype that the Medell Family made with special mythril, but a testing accident caused it to awaken as a Lineage Type.

It lost control and went berserk.
Its powerful swing can cause great damage.

Le Roi Lapin

A rabbit which massacred many knights and sucked their blood. It's even written about in the Strangers' literature.

Baroque Duo

Magical weapon created by fusing two Spriggans. A very tough enemy with many resistances.

Baroque Duo awaits you in the labyrinth that no one can reach.
A strong enemy that will attack multiple times and has invincible bodies.


Queen of spiders that has lived for many years.
It uses poison and also Ohma's Impact.

A Lineage Type that awaits you deep in a labyrinth.
Some Lineage Types are treated as the boss of the labyrinth.


A type of Tauros from ancient times with an enormous body. Though it doesn't look it, its weapon attacks are precise.

Asterios is the descendant of the giants.
It will attack adventurers that taint the ancient ruins.


A mermaid that was created by some sort of magical energy. Her only desire is to feed, but she is also drawn to the magical energy source which created her.

An immortal Lithlima.
It will wait for the adventurers in the depths of the sea.


A Greater Demon that was reborn as an immortal after getting decapitated. It's controlled by fear, and it will follow its target until it takes its prey's head with the halberd it carries.

A headless demon that lurks in the labyrinths.
It will pursue the adventurers until they are dead.