Mausoleum of Metal

There used to be a fort here, but it was blown away by the debris that came from the other dimension.
You can find trains and cars here.

Mausoleum of Forests

A forest that is covered with pure-white snow.
There are therianthrope colonies in this forest.
There is also an old tower which humans do not step foot in deep inside the forest.

Shadow Palace

A magic-infused palace Marilith created with her enormous magical powers.
As the name implies, although it's white on the outside, there are dark monsters lurking inside.

Valley of the Ruined

A slum that was constructed from giant ships and cargo containers to block the valley's narrow pathway.
Many scoundrels live here and it's a very worn-down place.

Mausoleum of Ice

An icy palace that is beyond freezing.
There are glowing butterflies trapped in the walls that keep the palace lit up.
Not only is it slippery and treacherous, but skills cannot be used here due to the cold.

Underground Ghost Town

The remains of a town which was buried into the earth by a volcano.
It's overrun with poisonous monsters and toxic volcanic ashes.
This labyrinth is filled with poisonous gas.

Mausoleum of Storms

A building that floats in the air, surrounded by a permanent storm.
A gathering of strange stones which fly high in the sky, hidden by clouds.
Once you make your way to this labyrinth, there is no turning back...