A new, powered-up battle system that's streamlined and more fun to play

5 types of weapons

There are 5 types of weapons that the Hundred Knight uses: Sword, Hammer, Staff, Lance, Spear. Each of them differ in attack range, speed, and attack pattern.
                By customizing the order they're equipped, you can create you own original attack combos.

  • 【Sword】

    A slashing weapon. It has a well-balanced attack range and speed and is easy to use. An orthodox weapon that you can count on in any circumstance.

  • 【Hammer】

    Though its reach is short and its swing is slow, its heavy strike will make the target flinch and open up more attack opportunities. It has the highest critical hit chance among weapons.

  • 【Staff】

    By swinging the staff, you can shoot a magic attack out in front of you. It's best used for fights where you need to keep your distance. Staffs are known for their ability to cause ailments such as poison and sleep.

Attack Combos


Hundred Knight can equip up to 5 weapons at once and can deal up to 5 consecutive attacks.
                  The more attacks are dealt, the more quickly they come out and the more damage Hundred Knight can deal. Try staying mobile to keep up your combo count so your attack string doesn't get cut off!

3 Types of Attacks


Each weapon deals one of three attack elements: slash, blunt, or magic. By attacking an enemy with a weapon that it is weak to, you can deal even greater damage.


In this game, you will encounter a number of status ailments such as Sleep, Faint,
                  Slow, and Confusion. The effects are temporary, but the ones that
                  limit Hundred Knight's movements can occasionally be deadly.
                  Hundred Knight can also use a weapon or skill with status ailment
                  damage to give enemies status ailments. If you're
                  having trouble during a fight, you may want to consider using status
                  ailment attacks to soften up enemies and make the fight easier.


Mystical Dodge


A Mystical Dodge will trigger when you just barely dodge an enemy's attack. While in effect, enemies will move in slow motion and Hundred Knight will be invincible.

Battle Tochka



Stomach Stock

There is a limit to the number of items that can be stored in the Stomach Stock, but in this game, its contents can be sorted at any time.

The equipment and items that you find
                      in the field will temporarily be stored 
                      in Hundred Knight's 'Stomach Stock'.
                      When you take the stored items back to the
                      base, they can be equipped or sold.
                      When the Hundred Knight's HP reaches 0, it
                      will drop a number of items in the Stomach Stock,
                      so be mindful of your HP!

Hack & Slash

All of the equipment that appears in 'The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2' has a 'rarity' assigned to it.
                      The types of rarities are common, rare, epic and legendary. Common items
                      are...common...whereas legendary items rarely drop. The more rare the item,
                      the more times it can be improved with the process called 'Krafting'.
                      Rare equipment will have its own 'name' and corresponding properties,
                      making nearly unlimited variation.

When you defeat enemy monsters on the field, they will drop items or equipment. Every enemy has a chance to drop certain items, so if you're looking for something in particular, you should farm the corresponding enemies.



After the 5th hit of the normal attack, a special combo attack becomes available. If you defeat an enemy with that attack, it will trigger Depletura. Depletura deals additional damage to the enemy and when it finishes it will restore some Adrenaline Points (AP) which are used by skills and GigaCalories which are Hundred Knight's energy source. To keep up the amount of time you can explore, make sure to hit Depletura often!

What are GigaCalories?
                  Hundred Knight needs GigaCalories in order to be active. When the blood bag displayed has no blood left, the Hundred Knight will be put in a Weak state (decreased ATK, DEF). Trigger Depletura often to refill it!

Third Eye

“The Third Eye is a new power that Hundred Knight draws out from within itself.
                      When triggered, it deals damage to surrounding enemies and movement speed, attack speed, ATK, and various abilities will be increased.
                      Third Eye can be opened when the magic gauge is full, which can be done by
                      using normal attacks, active skills, and mystical dodge.
                      The gauge fills up more quickly the more skillful your playstyle. Take advantage
                      of this special power!

[Magic Gauge] When the bottom left icon flashes, Third Eye is ready. Use it to take out several enemies at once!


You can strengthen your weapons and armor at the Atelier at the base.

                        [Catalyst Krafting]
                        Catalyst Krafting is when you use catalysts to give weapons and armor a new ability.
                        For weapons, you can strengthen ATK and status ailments. For armor, you can strengthen DEF and add HP-increasing effects.

                        [Forge Krafting]
                        In Forge Krafting, sacrifice collectibles and unneeded equipment to raise the level and abilities of your weapons and armor.
                        Also, by leveling up in Catalyst Krafting, you can increase the number of times that an item can be krafted.
                        The number of times an item can be leveled up depends on its rarity, so if you acquire an item with high rarity, try out forging.

By krafting, you can raise the strength of equipment and add effects to them. Make your own perfect weapon!

Witch Petition

In the base, you can offer mana, the source of Chelka's magical power, in order to make various wishes. As you progress through the game, more witch petitions will become available, so check back often!

You can exchange mana, get a new battle Tochka, get a catalyst to use for krafting... There are many wishes to be granted!

Auto-generated Map

In The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2, the field map will automatically  fill in during exploration but also changes every time you visit an area.
                  The placement of enemy monsters and treasure boxes will also change, so you can enjoy exploring a fresh location every time!