Hexensyndrome ('Witch Disease')

An illness that develops in girls before they reach 10 years of age. The cause is unknown, and there is no known treatment or cure.
                A third eye will appear on the forehead of those who have contracted witch disease. When the eye opens, they are said to have 'awakened' as witches.
                Humans who turn into witches lose all sense of their former selves and always bring destruction and harm to their surroundings.

Hundred Knight

A godly being from ancient legends.
                A popular character in story books, children see Hundred Knight as a hero.


A dilapidated world, overrun by witch disease.
                A semblance of peace has been established by the Weisse Ritter (WR),
                an organization created to subdue witches. People live 
                modest lives under their protection.

Weisse Ritter (WR)

A medical organization bent on exterminating witches and witch disease.
                The WR uses alchemy to strengthen their knights and fight witches and have garnered enormous support from citizens who hail them as an organization of true justice that protects all people.
                Branches have been established in various areas of Kevala to support the daily lives of the people.

Holy Valkyries

Former witches who have been cured of Hexensyndrome by WR surgeons. Each of them has been enhanced to possess tremendous power that rivals that of witches.
                Holy Valkyries expertly wield exotic, alchemic weapons and protect the people from awakened witches and monsters.
                They are ultimate weapons, the pride of WR, and heroes to common folk.

Third Eye Extraction Surgery

A surgery in which the unopened eye on the forehead is extracted in order to prevent the girls who contracted witch disease from awakening as witches.
                This surgery requires very advanced medical skills only practiced by members of the WR.

Awakened Witch

Those who contracted witch disease after their third eye has opened.
                When they awaken, they lose all of their original humanity, and their personalities are completely rewritten.
                For that reason, they are brutal creatures with strong destructive impulses.
                Awakened witches are often compared to natural disasters for their destructive power and inability to be reasoned with.


A feral witch whose magical power has grown beyond her control.
                When the chaotic magic erupts, it first destroys the witch's mind
                and will continue to spread disaster everywhere it goes until the body gives out completely.


The setting of this game is Kevala, a once-beautiful world withering into darkness because of witches.
                Hundred Knight will travel through various locations, such as a snow-covered village, a mystical cave filled with sparkling crystals, and desert ruins of an ancient civilization.



Besides humans and domestic animals, there are a variety of creatures living in Kevala.
                    Vicious bugs, sentient plants, thickly-armored beasts… They all have their own territory that they protect, and most of them will attack anyone encroaching on their territory, including Hundred Knight.
                    Hundred Knight will have to fight these creatures to achieve its goal!



There are special kinds of enemies that dwarf Hundred Knight in power known as  'Notorious' monsters, and 'Field Enemies' that strengthen their allies and weaken Hundred Knight.
                They are strong foes that each require a different strategy to defeat.