Every character has 4 unique special attacks known as "danmaku attacks."

Using danmaku attacks reduces your danmaku gauge, but you can refill it by finding "P" items scattered in the dungeons.

Danmaku attacks will let you hit enemies from afar for a preemptive attack or help you stave off a swarm of enemies surrounding you.

Every character has different danmaku attacks, but here are the ones Reimu Hakurei can use.

  • Yin-Yang ShotYin-Yang Shot

    Fires a Yin-Yang Orb at distant enemies.

  • Yokai BusterYokai Buster

    Fires shots in 3 directions at once.

  • Sealing NeedleSealing Needle

    Fires a projectile that goes straight forward and pierces through enemies.

  • Duplex BarrierDuplex Barrier

    An attack that hits all enemies adjacent to you.