Game Rules

Level – Shows the strength of the character. You will get experience points when defeating enemies in the dungeon. When you gain enough experience, you will level up and the amount of HP and attack strength will go up. If you clear the dungeon, get defeated in the dungeon, or for any other reason end up back at the start, you will return to being level 1.

Battle Fail – If you get defeated or give up, you will fail and automatically return to the base. Items and Nito Points will be as is, but money from that dungeon will be confiscated. However, if you fail in a dungeon where you are not allowed to bring items, all items, Nito Points, and money will be confiscated.

HP – This is the player's HP bar. When it reaches 0, the player is defeated, which will result in a battle fail. HP will naturally regenerate every turn, but you can also regenerate by using items. The base HP will rise as the player levels up. Furthermore, the base HP may even rise when using an item when you are at full HP.

Tummy – Shows how hungry or full the player is. The player’s Tummy will naturally decline every turn. When the player's Tummy reaches 0, they will start to lose 1 HP every turn. It is important to replenish your Tummy. Also, certain foods will allow your base Tummy to increase if you eat them while are you are full.

Power – Affects the player's attack power. If you drink Power Medicine, your max Power will increase. Furthermore, your Power may decrease if you are under the effect of some debuffs, like poison. Use Yagokoro Ointment to restore your Power, and make sure you do not fight with decreased Power.

P Items – These are the points that are needed to fire your danmakus. Enemies will drop them, and sometimes they can be found on the ground in the dungeons. The amount of P Items needed to fire a danmaku depends on the skill.

Money – You can use it to buy items at the shops. You can collect money by selling items that you have collected in the dungeon, or you can find it on the floor in the dungeon. You can also use it as items in the game, by throwing it at an opponent to deal 1/10 of its value as damage.

Nito Points – The points you will need to perform Nito Fusion. You can get it from enemy drops, and it can be found on dungeon floors. You can also get it when you move up in floors.

Equipment Growth – Weapons, armor, and accessories will gain experience points when you have them equipped while fighting enemies. When you gain enough experience points, the weapon's stats and max level will rise. When your equipment reaches max level, it will rise in rank, and its name and looks will change.

Magic Circle – Within dungeons, you will occasionally come across magic circles on the floor. If you stand on top of one, it will give you the options of “Next Floor,” or “Suspend,” which will allow you to save in the dungeon and return to the Title Screen. Sometimes you will be able to find a “back magic circle,” which is a different color and allows you to go back one floor.

Traps – There will be traps within the dungeons. You will not be able to see the traps until you step on them, unless you use Eye Drops or swing your weapon before the trap. Most traps have negative effects, so be careful.

Status Conditions – Items, traps, and enemy attacks can affect the status of the player. Some effects are positive, and some are negative, which will make it difficult to fight in the dungeons. Most effects will wear off after a certain amount of time, but there are some that will not disappear without the use of an item, so play with caution.
Sleep: You fall asleep and will not be able to move for a certain amount of turns.
Blind: Your field of view will go dark and you will not be able to see your surroundings.

Turn Over – If you take too long on one floor, you will get a warning message. If you ignore the message and keep going, you will receive a penalty, like “forced to the next dungeon,” “an extremely strong boss appears,” or “forcibly fail the battle.”

Store – Sometimes you will come across a section in the map that is made into a store. The items on the floor are merchandise. Pick them up and talk to the store owner to buy and pay for them. Furthermore, you can put items on the floor to sell them.

Partner – In dungeons, unless there are rules that do not allow a partner, you will be able to take a partner along. You can choose from four strategies to assign to your partner. Like the player, your partner will have an HP bar, and will faint when it reaches 0. When your partner is in need of help, heal them by throwing a healing item at them. Like the player, they will be able to equip items, and their items will also gain experience.

Strategies – You can control your partners using four strategies.
“Please follow me” – Prioritizes following the player.
“Fight with me” – If your partner sees an enemy, they will prioritize fighting it.
“Do as you please” – They will go off freely and explore the dungeon on their own.
“Wait there” – They will wait at that spot. If an enemy comes near them, they will fight.

Turn-Based System

When the player takes one turn, the enemy will take another. When the player moves or executes an action (use an item, change equipment, or activate a danmaku), the enemy will also take one action. The time it takes a player and enemy to do one action is called one turn. Use your actions strategically to provoke the enemy and gain an advantage.

The Cross Menu

You can quickly access various important menus.
Directly access the “Inventory,” “Ground,” “Nito Fusion,” and “Status” menus by pressing and a directional button.


Players have 4 types of danmaku attacks they can use in different situations. Firing danmakus consumes P Items. If you use them efficiently, you can survive dangerous battles without fear.


Items You Can Obtain in Dungeons

Equip to increase your attack. There are a lot of weapons with special abilities.

Equip to increase your defense. There are a lot of pieces of armor with special abilities.

Equip to gain various effects.

Eat to replenish your Tummy. They can also increase your max Tummy.

Disposable items that can be used for various effects. There are some that will also affect enemies if you throw it at them.

Spell Cards
You can use them on yourself or enemies, and they will greatly affect the whole dungeon.

Throw a talisman on the ground in front of you, and when the enemy walks over it, they will be affected by various spells. The number after the Talisman's name shows how many are left.

You can store your items in these. They may affect the items that are stored inside. The number after the item's name is the number of spaces left in the gap.

P Items
Use these to shoot danmakus. You will mostly get them by defeating enemies.

Nito Points
Use Nito Points for Nito Fusion. Larger Nito Points will increase your supply greatly.

You can use it for shopping. You can also throw it at enemies to deal damage.

Wicker Baskets
These have items inside. Gold-colored wicker baskets may contain very important items.

Status Conditions

Traps and Items Can Inflict Status Conditions

Status changes can widely influence the player, They can have several effects that can be either good or bad. Make sure to know the effects of the traps to act accordingly, and fix your status. Below are some of the status conditions in the game:

  • Confusion – You will attack and walk around in random directions. Will not affect the direction when throwing an item and firing a danmaku.
  • Hallucinate – Items and enemies will look different.
  • Sleep – You will not be able to do anything. You will not wake up, even if you take damage.
  • Drunk – Your accuracy will go down significantly. You will also take more damage when attacked.
  • Double Speed – You will be able to perform two actions in one turn.
  • Slowed – You will only be able to perform one action every two turns.
  • Invincible – You will not take any damage from attacks, and status conditions will not have any affect.
  • Enfeeble – You will lose HP every turn.
  • Seal – You will not be able to use any items, like food, medicine, or spell cards.
  • Unsatisfactory – The player's natural HP regen will be cut in half.
  • Starvation – Your tummy will be reduced to zero. Every time you take an action, your HP will go down.
  • Float – Your body will rise above the floor. You will be able to move above certain places, like waterways.
  • Shadow Bind – You will not be able to move.

Adventure Advice

“I fail too quickly...”

Fighting against a crowd is a huge disadvantage. When you are taking on a large number of enemies, you will take long-range attacks and special attacks all at once. If there is a room with a large number of enemies, it is best to lure them to a pathway and take them on one at a time. One of the basics of this game is to not sweat it, and cautiously take each enemy on their own. Furthermore, your partner’s help will be a huge advantage, so if you find the challenge hard, then take them to the dungeon with you.

“Use danmaku to the fullest!”

If you attack an enemy face-to-face, adjacent of each other, it will end up being a disadvantage to Reimu, because you would be taking away her HP. Try to keep some space from your enemies and attack with your danmakus. This will give you an advantage in your play. Before you start attacking your enemies at close range, it is better to take some of their HP by attacking them with a danmaku. It may seem difficult when enemies are packed together, but if you use Double Barrier and Yokai Buster to round them up, it will become easier.

“Don’t hesitate to use items”

When exploring dungeons, it is very important to use your items. It is good to think about the future and collect items, but if you die, there will be no point. Before you find yourself in a pinch, heal up, and get rid of your current menace by using your items to their fullest. Another way to go about the dungeons will be to find and collect gaps, and collect lots of items that you can use in the dungeons.

“Memorize the enemies’ weaknesses”

All enemies in this game have a certain weakness. You can change your weapon accordingly for each enemy, or use equipment that has special abilities that will block your enemy’s attacks.