Skills consume Skill Points (SP) to perform a variety of powerful or useful effects, from pure damage to a temporary increase in the party’s attack or defense statistics.

Learning Skills

Each skill has a set level at which a character becomes capable of learning it, after which point it will be learned spontaneously during battle. The stronger the foe, the more likely a character is to learn a new skill while fighting it.

Skill Leveling

As characters use skills, those skills gain experience, eventually leveling up. Each skill can be leveled to a maximum of 3, and will become stronger with each level gained. The ways in which each skill change, however, vary greatly: some will deal more damage, some will stun enemies more easily, and some will even begin damaging enemies in a wider area.

EXTRA Skills

EXTRA Skills are exceptionally powerful skills which can only be used when the EXTRA gauge is maxed out. Each party member has a unique EXTRA Skill suited to different situations, and effective use of EXTRA Skills can easily turn the tides of any battle.
It is said that an accessory hidden somewhere in the Great Forest allows party members to use an even more powerful secondary EXTRA Skill, but its location is unknown.