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Tsukigami, the Moon God, has petrified the inhabitants of the forest, and only the four Animal Ninja Masters can break the spell and restore their home! Harness each character's swift moves, arsenal of tools, and unique powers to fight through hordes of evil spirit minions to reach Mt. Fuji and confront the Moon God.

Play solo, or share Joy-Con™ controllers for local multiplayer support for up to 4 players. With upgradeable weapons and items, and charming visuals drawn from retro side-scrollers and traditional folklore, Kemono Heroes is truly a vivid and memorable action adventure!



The fox Ninja Master, leader of the Animal Ninja Masters. Fudemaru has the ability to transform into enemies, allowing him to gain their powers.


The squirrel Ninja Master, the cheeriest of the Animal Ninja Masters. Hanako can glide through the air using the fur flaps under her arms, traveling great distances while avoiding harm.


The cat Ninja Master, known for her heightened combat abilities. Miyuki can use her sharp claws to climb up walls and reach areas the other masters cannot reach.


The monkey Ninja Master, the most energetic and mischievous of the bunch. Yu is very nimble and dextrous, and can climb across ropes with ease.

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