NIS, America Inc.

Farewell NISA Online Store! Say hello to Rosenqueen: Powered by Merchant Monkeys!!

Hello everyone!

We have an announcement for you guys regarding the NISA Online Store.

Our Online Store has been bought out by the multinational conglomerate, Rosenqueen, and it will close its e-doors on February 5th, 2007.

Rosenqueen is a massive corporate juggernaut that handles many different items related to video games and anime. The NISA Online Store will be gone, but fear not! Every sad ending has a new beginning. We'll be working with our Rosenqueen overlords from now on to provide all the goods you've wanted to get your hands on including all the goodies from the current NISA Online Store!

Although the new Rosenqueen store may not have the same point accumulation system, we've made sure that they will honor all your points that you will have accumulated at the NISA Online Store through February 5, so no worries! The Rosenqueen storefront will be your one-stop, monkey-driven, labor-law-breaking shop!

We just wanted to give you a heads-up for the store closing on Feb. 5th. You'll receive more details on what Rosenqueen is all about as we approach the closing date. You may even receive a letter from the CEO and ruthless business matron, Etoile Rosenqueen!

Please enjoy our NISA Online Store until Feb. 5th!

Best regards,

NISA Staff

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