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Ar tonelico® 2: Melody of Metafalica Official Website launches; join our "Ar tonelico 2 Girls Gone Towel" Contest!

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Ar tonelico 2: Melody of Metafalica

Console: PlayStation ® 2 Release: Jan. 2009
Genre: RPG
Rating: T for Teen

Premium box: game, artbook, & soundtrack




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Hello everyone!

Halloween is just around the corner! Have you decided what costume you'll wear for this year? If not, check out the Ar tonelico 2 official website! It might give you some cool last-minute costume ideas:-)

Anyway, we hope you'll visit the Ar tonelico 2 Official Website, and learn all about this new title! We'll update the website every week, so come back often to check out what's new!

So, you might recall the "cool" campaign for Ar tonelico 2 we talked about in the last NISA E-Newsletter. Well, we'll be placing Ar tonelico 2 online banners at several websites starting Oct. 27th, and if you click the banners you'll be sent to the "Ar tonelico 2 Girls Gone Towel Contest" page. If you answer the question correctly, you'll land on a registration page, where you'll be asked to give your mailing information. Then you'll be entered in a random drawing to win an Ar tonelico 2 "Girls Gone Towel" bath towel. This campaign will end on December 31st. (Limited 1 per winner. 100 total winners.)

The question will be about an Ar tonelico 2 character, so you should visit the Ar tonelico 2 Official Website to learn and study about each character!

The image on the right will be printed on the bath towel. The size of the bath towel and the art size aren't decided just yet, but it'll be a great New Year gift for yourself, right? This won't be sold anywhere, so this online banner campaign is the only place you can get your hands on this awesome towel!

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So, where can these Ar tonelico 2 banners be found? Just check out the following websites...

RPGamer, RPGfan, Siliconera, GamersPlatform, PennyArcade, OMGRPG, GameSpot, American Cosplay Paradise...


We hope you'll have fun finding the banners and participating in our Girls Gone Towel contest! We are planning more Ar tonelico 2 contests on the NISA website and with other awesome websites, so keep your eyes open! The prizes for these contests will be really "Ar tonelico" like, so we're sure that you'll go crazy for it!

The Preorder for Ar tonelico 2 is still going! Don't miss this chance to get your hands on the sweet deal RosenQueen is offering.

If you preorder at RosenQueen you will receive a RosenQueen exclusive soundtrack that includes 31 songs, and also comes with another 12-page art booklet insert.

They have less than 1,000 RQ exclusive soundtracks, so hurry!

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