Penny-Punching Princess

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This is the story, y'all!Sebastian

                Long ago, there was an era when Might meant everything.

                Monsters threatened humanity...
                Lead by a tyrant who ruled through fear...
                But finally, a hero defeated those evil enemies...

                The law of the natural world was simple and absolute: Survival of the fittest.

                However, time inevitably yearns for change.
                And with the never-ending flow of time,
                people's values will also inevitably change.

                In this case, it was the rise of capitalism.

                Money is power. Money is justice.
                A world where even love can be bought with money.

                Long story short, an era has come where even someone at
                Level 1 can defeat a tyrant as long as they have money.

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These are the characters, y'all!Sebastian


Character Image

A stoic, pragmatic girl who only trusts money.
              Long ago, she was kind-hearted and always smiled at those around her, but because of her father’s debt, she lost her family and her country.
              In order to avenger her father’s death, she goes on a journey to exact revenge against the corrupt money lenders, the Dragoloan family.

  • Princess:Stand
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  • Princess:Calc
  • Princess:Punch
  • Princess:Roll
  • Princess:Combo


Character Image

A servant who has been looking after the Princess since she was very young.
              He's generally all talk, and always leaves the fighting to the princess.



Character Image

A relative of the princess who was born a zombie.
              She always gives off an extremely rancid smell, that would cause a normal person to faint on the spot.
              She is another playable character that joins the princess on her quest to get revenge against the Dragoloan family.



Character Image

The God of Money who holds tremendous power in a capitalist world.
              He appeared before the princess, who was sad from losing her country, and gave her a calculator with a mysterious power.



Character Image

The 'Dragoloans lending company' is a large lending service who have over 1 trillion G in total assets.
              However, that is just their public facade.
              They’re actually a local mob with a large number of minions.
              All of their money actually came from scams. They are the root of all evil that the princess has sworn to take down.


These are the game systems, y'all!Sebastian

These are the movies, y'all!Sebastian

These are the specs, y'all!Sebastian


These are the specs, y'all!Sebastian