Coming early 2021

Game overview

What is poison control?
Purge poison and raise Hell in this turf war-style action-RPG! Join forces with Poisonette to purify the Belles' Hells,
                  spiritual realms born from the sullied hearts of girls.

Story Characters

From the worldly desires of humankind, delusions are born.
                  These delusions, whether from the living or the dead,
                  manifest as toxic creatures known as Kleshas,
                  and bring into being the realms of Hell.
                  After wandering into this infernal domain, your flesh and
                  blood is usurped by a mysterious girl named Poisonette.
                  To return to the Mortal Realm, you and Poisonette, as two
                  souls in one body, must purify the hearts of the fallen.
                  Who are you? Who is Poisonette?
                  How did you get here to begin with?
                  So starts the tale of your journey
                  through the Belles' Hells.

Poisonette A former Klesha wandering the realms of Hell.
                      She hijacks the Protagonist's body with her soul,
                      hoping to eventually take it over for good.
Protagonist A living being who winds up lost in Hell. Seeking a
                      way to return to the Mortal Realm, they join forces
                      with Poisonette to purify the souls of the fallen.