2112, Tokyo. Two new detectives have been assigned to the MWPSB Criminal Investigation Department Division 1. Nadeshiko Kugatachi is an Inspector whose memories were wiped, while Takuma Tsurugi is an Enforcer who is searching for his missing childhood friend. Calm, serious, and unable to comprehend human emotions, Nadeshiko meets Tsurugi, a hot-headed man determined to become a tough detective. Once they encounter each other, the gears of fate begin to turn.

The story takes place somewhere far away from Tokyo in the once futuristic Sado Marine City.
What will their answers be when they reach the "truth"...?


Nadeshiko Kugatachi accepted a position as the new Inspector of the MWPSB Criminal Investigation Department Division 1. During training, she got in an accident and lost her memories. Although she lost them, she performs at a high level, following orders and executing her duties. She approaches each case with her calmness and theoretical reasoning.

During her first case, she felt a slight attachment to Sado Marine City. It's not her home, but something tells her that she lived there before.

Nadeshiko regains her memories, little by little, as cases occur throughout the city, and both her unwavering fortitude and lack of empathy start to dissipate.

What path will she choose in this world of the Sibyl System...?


Latent criminal, Takuma Tsurugi, was assigned to the MWPSB Criminal Investigation Department Division 1. He was born in Sado Marine City and was on track to get a job. However, his childhood friend Yukari Himekawa's disappearance in Tokyo ripped his life off its hinges.

Yukari disappeared out of nowhere. He looked for her everywhere, but to no avail. Gradually, his Psycho-Pass grew clouded, and he was imprisoned within the confines of an isolation ward. Trapped in despair, his only salvation was to become an Enforcer.

He thought if he became an Enforcer he could find clues regarding his dear friend's whereabouts.

Case No. 1 - Female High School Student Abduction

A female high school student was abducted in the city. The victim's name is Shiori Matsukata. The suspect is her former classmate, Haruto Sato. Since they were friends, it was believed that they went out for a trip as old classmates, but it was later revealed that Haruto threatened Shiori and took her somewhere. Tsurugi, Nadeshiko, and the rest of Division 1 pursued them, then found the two at Shiori's hometown and Haruto's residence of Sado Marine City. Without delay, they raced to Sado Marine City and began their investigation, but...

Case No. 2 - Child Abuse & Abduction

After the Female High School Student Abduction case, it was deemed that the civilian mentality was gravely affected, so the entire Sado Marine City was set to undergo a medical examination. On top of that, they found out that a medical cyborg was stolen. And to make matters worse, the Public Safety Bureau was temporarily inactive due to all the paperwork that had piled up. While all of that chaos ensued, an assault case was reported. The victim is a 2-year-old boy, Naoya Mitsuhashi. His mother, Kanae Mitsuhashi, and his younger brother, Yuya Mitsuhashi, should have been with him, but they claimed Yuya went missing. The team proceeded to investigate the case as a child abuse and abduction, but...