Holy Era 868. The final battle between Light and Darkness.
The outcome of the battle between the Overlord and the Knights of the Round is mentioned only briefly in history books:

On that day, the forces of Light were snuffed out.

Since that fateful defeat, Alda has been consumed by despair. Darkness corrupted the land and spoiled the seas. Much of mankind has succumbed to the power of darkness, and vicious monsters roam the wilderness. For as long as the Overlord rules, there shall be no peace from the chaos.

100 years have passed since that day.
The leader of the Knights of the Round, who fell in that battle, has once again been given life.

Driven by the regrets and a vow unfulfilled, they must guide a new generation of Knights of the Round and strengthen their friendship to overcome the Overlord's influence.

Thus shall the battle between Light and Darkness begin anew in a quiet corner of Alda as a cold rain drenches the earth.

Only the power of your bonds will save this world.