Hack and slash your way through each labyrinth with elaborate dungeon RPG tactics.

The combat system uses a quick and exciting turn-based system. Crush monsters with powerful attacks, skills, spells, and more.

Each monster has its own weaknesses, and you can deal massive damage by exploiting them.
Your squires will become stronger as you challenge more and more difficult labyrinths with stronger monsters and more complex obstacles.

In-Depth Party Formation

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Deciding which squire to take along is entirely up to you.

Each squire is unique.
Guide your squires to greater heights and customize their skills.

Put them on the front lines with powerful physical techniques or have them blast enemies from a distance with spells.

Change up your party as you face different challenges within the labyrinth!

Master Skills!

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Each class has its own distinct abilities.

Master over 100 skills and spells, and lead the party to victory!
Choose from 9 different classes in your battle against the forces of Darkness!

Character Customization  

Unlock New Abilities with Sub Classes

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Come up with combinations that can augment your squires' Main Classes!

The closer you get to your squires, the more you can customize their Main Classes and Sub Classes.

For example, if you give a fighter the Sub Class of ranger, you'll end up with a squire who has high HP and powerful bow skills.

Obtain Powerful Items in Trap Encounters

Within labyrinths, you'll find places called Trap Points.

Set the proper bait to lure monsters who carry powerful items.

Controlling all Trap Points in the labyrinth may grant special rewards!

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When you find a Trap Point, set bait on it.
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Come back again in a little while and fight the creature you've caught.

Defeat the enemies quickly!

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  1. During a Trap Point encounter, the leader is marked with a crown icon.
  2. A gauge will show you how much time you have until the leader's escape.

Some monsters who appear at Trap Points may carry treasure chests.
Defeat these monsters first and claim the treasure!

Don't let them escape with the treasure, though! If you're not careful, they'll flee and take the treasure with them!