Form Bonds with Your Squires

Only the bonds you form with your squires will protect you from the Overlord.

The power of the Overlord Ol=Ohma and his kin can easily overwhelm the underprepared.
Those squires affected by it will be charmed by the Overlord and do his bidding.

Increase your squires Soul Ranks to resist this dark power.

Help your squires grow by Talking to them.

Each squire has their own desires and goals.

Talk to your squires whenever you can.
Doing so will increase their Soul Ranks, but you'll learn more about their stories in unexpected ways, too.

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Depending on how you answer their questions,...
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... you may unlock new conversations!

Get closer over food!

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You can get closer to your squires even if you don't take them on your adventures.

Eat with them to earn their trust.

Naturally, each squire has their own likes and dislikes.
Make sure you plan ahead to serve each squire their favorite meal!

Eating With Your Squires

Union Skills: Together, We Can Overcome Anything!

During battles, your party members can work together to use special techniques called Union Skills.
These powerful skills can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

The effectiveness of Union Skills are tied to your squires' Soul Rank, and some Union Skills are the only way to stave off Ohma's Impact and prevent being charmed by the Overlord.

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Union Skills range from powerful attacks to indispensable buffs.
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Only Union Skills can prevent Ohma's Impact.

Eating With Your Squires

What will you serve your squires?
Try not to make them eat something they won't like.
Serve them their favorite meals, though...
and you'll strengthen your bonds with them!

Union Skills

Skill Name Effect
Warrior's Charge Perform a reckless charge against the enemy formation, ignoring defense.
Chief Assassin Perform a focused attack, guaranteeing a hit on one enemy.
Magic Veil Create a wall of magic that weakens all enemy attacks for 1 turn.
Magic Burst Enhance spell effects for 1 turn after activating.
Flash Escape Escape from the enemy without fail.
Speed Formation Guarantee a preemptive attack the turn this skill is used.
Woodsman's Trap Slow a group of foes (Hit/Avoid lowered) and extend the time limit to take treasure
Bond of Knights The bonds you've made with your comrades prevents the charm attack "Ohma's Impact" once.