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Protagonist - Hayato Ibuki

Journalist for the occult magazine, LOST.
Although he naturally has a realistic way of thinking, there is a side to him that accepts the possibility that things may exist that can't be scientifically proven.
One day, while investigating a local rumor about a "Purple Woman" in a subway station, he is saved by a mysterious woman. He is then given the Gangour, a demon gun that can capture and use demons. From the moment he is handed the Gangour, Hayato's destiny as the Chosen One begins.

7th Rank Angel of the Lower 3rd Corps - Lua

An angel who fights alongside Hayato Ibuki.
She is Balucia's twin, and acts like the quintessential little sister. Although she diligently follows Michael's orders, she hopes to find her missing sister in the Mortal World. She is a talented assistant, and uses her strength to support Hayato in battle.

Middle Rank Angel - Balucia

An angel who has the same powers as Lua.
She is Lua's twin and beloved older sister.
Michael entrusted her with the mission to deliver the Gangour to Hayato.
However, once she comes to the Mortal World, her newfound emotions cause her to disappear during her mission.

She is the woman who holds the key to this world.

Traveler of Time - Lucifel

An archangel who sat at the right hand of God. Having fulfilled his duties (From El Shaddai Original Novel), he now wanders the world in his dreams as the "Traveler of Time."
He prefers present day (2000's) fashion. He doesn't interfere with this world. He is usually very frank and relaxed. Perhaps it stems from his abilities, but he always seems emotionally detached when he speaks.
He plays a vital role during some important points in the story.

Archangel - Michael

A Seraph who leads the Grigori.
He sent Balucia on the mission to give the Gangour to Hayato.

"The plan is going well."
As Michael watches over the Mortal World, he speaks of things that suggest Heaven may have its own plan.

Fallen Angel - Samael

Although he is a fallen angel, Samael works as a doctor in the Mortal World. He left Heaven to become a human himself. He always carries a pocket watch and is very strict about punctuality.

Fallen Angel - Jeqon

A fallen angel that is with Samael and Mastema. He has a flashy appearance, and hits on women. He has a sleazy personality, but has a very strong sense of friendship. He usually doesn't remember men's faces.

Fallen Angel - Mastema

A fallen angel who is always with Samael. Her appearance looks like that of a mature woman. She became a fallen angel in order to love Samael, but her idea of love is twisted and misunderstood.

Knowledgeable Shop Owner - Leon Danta

Owner of the book store, Witch House. He is very knowledgeable about a great many things, and won't stop talking once he gets started on a subject. He doesn't even seem to notice that he isn't very friendly or eloquent. He loves cats.

Spa Owner - Gagachi Awajima

The owner of the Maka Spa bath house, whose water gives buff effects. She has a mysterious aura and isn't good at taking compliments. She can sometimes seem careless, and doesn't pay much attention to details.

Owner of the Mysterious Camera Shop - Banjo Yasutaka

The owner of Pandemonium Camera, a shop that Hayato frequents. Although he is unfriendly, he lends a hand to customers that he likes.

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