Home is Homegrown

Coming 07.14.2020

Civilization has collapsed.
						The surface world has been overrun by toxic fungi.
						In a scrapyard deep in the underground wastelands,
						a lone robot awakens.
						After wandering the ruins long uninhabited by humans,
						the robot comes across a young girl asleep in a bed of fungi.
						Her name is Toriko.
						Mushrooms protrude from her infected body.
						The robot is intent on saving her from her weakened state
						and wishes to nurse her back to health.
						However, this harsh environment will not make it easy.
						To protect the girl, named Toriko, the robot must create
						a safe haven where she can live safely, a terrarium.
  • Robot
  • Toriko
Explore the wasteland,
						and collect materials
						to meet Toriko's needs. Toriko cannot survive this
						unforgiving world alone.
						You must find a way
						to create a terrarium
						so she can live free from spores.