"Come forth, my Monstrums! And consume this dark night!"

A cloaked woman whom Adol encounters in the Prison City of Balduq.
Her false limbs and willful eyes leave a strong, lasting impression.

Though young in age, Aprilis's callous and menacing poise instills trepidation in many.
She often appears before the Monstrums with a sparse word or two of advice, but her motives remain yet unknown.

She always appears to be weary and worn. Her body, too, is seldom without injury...

"I'm really sorry about that.
I've been having a hard time at work..."

The second daughter of the esteemed and affluent Pendleton family.

Shy, meek, and wary of strangers, Krysha lives in the shadow of her older sister, Carla, who has gained much repute as a remarkable businesswoman.

Though she now follows in her sister's footsteps at their family's trading company, her hard-earned profits have recently been stolen by an unknown culprit.

"There's a rumor about this place, about a sector where even the guards are forbidden."

An easygoing middle-aged man confined in Balduq Prison. Following a chance encounter with Adol, Parks provides him with vital information regarding the facility.

He claims to have been imprisoned on charges of fraud and misrepresentation, though no one knows for certain whether the words he speaks are true.

"Alright! Let's get to work!"

The ever-energetic hostess and waitress of the Dandelion bar.

Though beloved among patrons for her sunny disposition and diligent attitude, Yufa is a girl burdened with many responsibilities, such as caring for and raising her three younger siblings.

Her childhood best friend works at the Balduq Coliseum, though she vehemently insists that nothing is going on between them.

"Oh, Dogi-bear! Those biceps of yours are simply ra-vi-shing!"

His life experience and caring nature make him the perfect confidant for many a patron seeking advice.

His various connections make him somewhat of an expert when it comes to the local gossip in town, as well as any circumstances regarding the Romun Empire.

Master Chatelard
"The Feral Hawk? I am afraid I cannot allow you to leave."

The Master and Commander of the Gllian chapter of the Hieroglyph Knights. Chatelard strives to maintain peace throughout the land, as well as spread the word of the Hieroglyph Church.

His pious devotion and handsome features make him a popular individual among the townsfolk.

He seems to hold a great interest in Adol and his many experiences as an adventurer.

Warden Belger
"Today will be the day those pests will finally go where they belong--Balduq Prison!"

A Romun Imperial soldier who serves as the head warden of Balduq Prison. Though hardheaded and unyielding, he stands true to his personal sense of justice, and is duly respected among his subordinates and colleagues alike.

Belger's judgment as both a soldier and a superior officer is remarkably strong. He adopts a relentless attitude when dealing with the Monstrums causing havoc throughout the city.

"The Ark of Napishtim? I find it difficult to believe that a thing out of a children's fairytale actually exists."

A brilliant interrogator of the Romun Empire. She was transferred to the Prison City of Balduq to facilitate the cross-examination of Adol the Adventurer.

A staunch realist, she does not seem to believe Adol's mysterious experiences with the supernatural to even the slightest degree.

"Don't take this the wrong way, but you don't belong here, do you?"

An affable young man confined in Balduq Prison. Perceptive beyond his years, Marius is never afraid to take the initiative.

He claims to not remember the reason behind his imprisonment, having lost his memories.

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