Consume SP (Skill Points) to unleash a character's unique skill attacks!

Don't worry too much about preserving SP—in addition to restoring when landing hits on enemies, SP will also quickly regenerate when not attacking. Feel free to use as many flashy skills as you see fit!

Wild ScratchThe White Cat's Skill

The White Cat immediately closes the gap to an enemy, assailing them with a powerful one-two scratch.

This skill is quick to activate, making it easy to chain with regular attacks for extra damage against high-HP foes.

Carnage LancerThe Hawk's Skill

The Hawk lunges toward an enemy, discharging a piercing shockwave straight through them.

Though it only shoots once, the wave itself has a fairly long range. Use it in battles to hit powerful foes from a distance!

Illusionary GavotteThe Doll's Skill

The Doll uses her extendable snaketail blade to sweep from a series of thrusts to a flurry of spinning slashes before concluding with an explosive blast ahead of her.

Its high number of hits and wide range make this skill well-suited against groups of enemies as well as boss battles.

StampedeThe Raging Bull's Skill

The Raging Bull unleashes an overwhelming charge of unstoppable grit, inflicting strike damage on all foes before her.

Where this skill lacks in range, it makes up for in power. Hitting smaller foes with it can send them flying and knock them down!

Dark InfernoThe Renegade's Skill

The Renegade generates an orb of darkness before him, pulling in enemies while inflicting continuous damage.

The Renegade can move after the orb is created, making it easy to retreat to safety while enemies are being drawn in. Use it on trapped or stunned foes for maximum damage!


Press the R1+L1 buttons during battle to activate Boost mode, temporarily bolstering your abilities in combat.

In addition to increasing damage dealt and reducing damage taken, Boosting also increases attack and movement speeds,
allowing for bigger and better combos to be performed.

EXTRA Skills

Press R1+L1 again while in Boost mode to activate a special, character-exclusive EXTRA Skill.

While EXTRA Skills boast tremendous power and massive ranges of effect, they will instantly deactivate Boost mode,
so be mindful of timing when utilizing them in battle.

Albion StrikeThe White Cat

The White Cat focuses all of her power into her fist and spirals forward, plowing through all enemies ahead.

While spinning, a wide-ranged shockwave radiates outward, damaging surrounding foes.

Carnival MaidenThe Doll

The Doll raises her snaketail blade to the sky, unleashing a relentless barrage of slashes before her.

The slashes zig-zag up and down, making it suitable for dealing multiple hits on swifter, airborne enemies.


Progress through the story, complete quests, gain collaborators!

Adol's adventures in Balduq will cross his path with a number of its residents.
By completing quests and story events, some of them will join his cause as collaborators.

Collaborators are useful not only for exploring the city, but providing special items and strengthening character stats as well.

Complete quests and talk to everyone you can. You never know who might become your next ally!

Silhouette's Errand Runs

After meeting Silhouette, she will assist in Adol's efforts as his personal errand-runner!

Silhouette can buy merchandise from any store Adol has visited thus far. Visiting more shops will increase the range of items she can purchase.

Maxim, the Shady Dealer

Discovering Maxim in the alleys of Balduq will give Adol access to the black market.

Certain materials can be exchanged at the black market for exclusive items, special accessories, and key items for quests and story events. well as a whole host of other characters!
Who will the Monstrums' Gifts lead them to next?

Side Content

Azure Petals

Blue flower petals scattered throughout Balduq are said to bring fortune and joy to those who gather them.

Deliver them to Marguerite in the city to earn various rewards.

For some reason, Marguerite's manner of speech seems to change upon reaching certain milestones...


Old scrawlings found in various locations throughout Balduq. Examine and report them to Professor Vallin, the anthropologist, to earn various rewards.

Strangely, in addition to offering valuable insights on the past, certain special graffiti will bolster the Monstrums' stats when examined...

Grimwald Nox

An All-Out Monstrum Battle!

The Grimwald Nox is an alternate dimension in which the Monstrums gather to fend off countless hordes of evil spirits, known as Lemures.

Eradicating the Lemures and dispelling the Grimwald Nox will release various barriers placed throughout Balduq,
allowing you to explore more locations throughout town.

Monstrums outside of the party will still participate in the Grimwald Nox and fight the Lemures of their own accord.


Coming into contact with the black pillars of miasma strewn about Balduq will turn all surroundings a monochrome hue, initiating a battle with the Lemures.

Exterminating the Lemures that appear will slowly expel the miasma in town and fill your NOX Gauge, a required step in summoning forth the Grimwald Nox.

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