Langrisser I

Long ago, there was a terrible war over a legendary sword said to grant its wielder unlimited power. The blood of those who vowed to protect it and those who sought its power for themselves permeated the battlefields of El Sallia. That sword is known as Langrisser. Of those who swore to protect it, the royal family of Baldea has safeguarded it from the world for many generations. Thanks to Baldea, tales of Langrisser soon faded from memory.
However, Baldea's sworn duty would be called to action once again. Motivated by power and the conviction to rule the world, Kaiser Digos and the Dalsis Empire he commanded invade Baldea, seeking the enticing power of Langrisser. Ledin, the prince of Baldea, narrowly escapes the invasion, and devises a way to avenge his father, who had been killed by Kaiser Digos.
Now, Ledin must reclaim Langrisser, which his ancestors fought so valiantly to protect—thus beginning his journey that will test his loyalty to the Light.

Langrisser II

It has been centuries since the War of the Sacred Sword razed El Sallia. Now, incessant violence plagues the continent. Isolated battles arise all across the land, ravaging towns and nations, before creeping to the next. The Kingdom of Baldea is but a legend, and Langrisser is no more than a fairytale.
A young traveler named Elwin journeys the land with Hein, an amateur mage he met on his travels. One day during their travels, they decide to stay the night at an inn in Hein's hometown, a small village known as Salrath. In the middle of the night, Hein bursts into Elwin's room, pale as the night moon behind him. He claims that forces of the Rayguard Empire were seen on the outskirts of Salrath. They are searching for Liana, a young girl who lived there.
What business could the empire have with a village as peaceful as Salrath and a defenseless girl? Paying no heed to the precarious situation he was about to involve himself with, Elwin leaves for the countryside without hesitation to save her.


Keep watching over me, Father.
I promise to get back Langrisser.

The prince of the Kingdom of Baldea, the nation responsible for protecting the Sacred Sword Langrisser for generations. He is a calm and composed prince who seeks peace for all, and knows that justice is always worth fighting for.

During your stay in the land of El Sallia, you will be faced with great challenges.
To prepare you for them, I will aid you by explaining the essentials of mastering warfare and beyond.


Your commanders, precious companions who accompany you in your journey, will follow your orders. Direct them to navigate the battlefield, attack, use skills and magic, and more.

Classes, Skills, and Leveling Up

After your commanders have gained enough experience in battle, they become stronger. You can even designate classes for them, granting them unique strengths that complement your army. Once you unlock new classes for your commanders, they will gain access to combat bonuses and additional skills.

Items and Shop

Without a sturdy blade in hand, no hero can etch his or her fate into history. With the gold you obtain during your battles, visit the shop to purchase weapons and armor for your commanders, furthering their strengths, and diminishing their weaknesses. Making the most of your commanders is the key to a decisive victory.

Hiring Mercenaries

You can hire mercenaries for gold to accompany your commanders into battle. When your mercenaries fight alongside their commanders in close proximity, the commander inspires them, imparting upon them bonuses that make them more powerful in combat. Certain commanders can only hire certain mercenaries, so consider which types of mercenaries fit your strategy.

Unit Advantages and Terrain

Some types of units have advantages over other types, and some types of terrain grant advantages and disadvantages. For example, sky knights boast excellent mobility, and can easily traverse otherwise difficult-to-cross mountains and rivers, but they are prone to being struck down from the sky by arrows. Try to keep your flying units away from archers, but use your archers to protect your army against enemy sky knights.

Advanced Strategies

Once you've grasped the fundamentals, countless strategies will open up to you as you experiment. Will you carefully position your units into advantageous encounters? Will you send all your squads to eliminate one enemy squad at a time? Or will you play a war of attrition by protecting your vulnerable mages and healers? Evaluate the environment, your enemy, and your own limitations, and victory will surely be yours.

Freedom of Choice

Fate is a fickle thing. Sometimes it favors the light, sometimes it favors the darkness, and sometimes it favors something else altogether. Only you can decide your fate and that of those who follow you. But know that not all of your companions will follow you faithfully. Fighting for any belief will earn the respect of those who agree with you, and evoke the contempt of others.


Your decisions, both in and out of the battlefield, can drastically shift future events. A pitiful enemy you saw fit to strike down may have become your ally had you decided to spare his life. And with each ripple, a wave ensues, so consider your actions carefully.

New Game+ and Backtracking

You may revert your progress to re-experience past events if you feel a different choice would've suited you better. You can also begin the game anew once you complete your first playthrough. In New Game+, you will retain your commanders' levels, items, and gold from your completed playthrough.

Screenshots are from a development build of the game.

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Langrisser II Story

Langrisser I Story

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