To survive a disaster, using the correct items at the appropriate time will be vital. Below are some items that you can acquire.

Acquiring Items

Items can be acquired by purchasing them from shops, receiving them from people, and picking them up from the ground. There are various types of items with different functions. Use the one that best suits your current situation.

◎ Backpacks

For storing and carrying acquired items. You won't be able to use items without one, so if you find one, make sure to get it.

◎ Costumes

Equippable items that change the protagonist's appearance. These include clothes, hats, gloves, and earrings; accessories can also be acquired. You can freely change your outfit wherever and whenever you want.

◎ Handheld Items

Items you hold in your hands, such as a flashlight. They're essential for navigating through dangerous scenarios.

◎ Compass

Displays the geographic directions on the screen. If you consult the map, it becomes an important indicator of your next destination. There are dozens of compass designs; pick your favorite and travel in style!

◎ Consumables

Items that disappear after use, such as bandages for treating injuries and wounds, food for curing hunger, drinks for relieving thirst, and so on. These are crucial, especially during a disaster, so try to acquire as many of these as you can.

◎ Additional Items

Combining items can produce different effects, such as keys that can unlock doors. Various types of items can be acquired during your journey. If you find yourself unable to progress, you may have overlooked a critical item, so make sure you search every possible area.

Search for Markers!

Items that can be obtained are displayed with a marker on the map. The marker's color will change from blue to orange once you're in the item's proximity; use this as a clue while you're searching for items.

Be Mindful of Backpack Storage Space!

There's a limit to how many items you can store in the protagonist's backpack. You won't be able to acquire any more items once you reach the backpack's capacity. As you progress, however, you may come across larger backpacks that can hold more items, giving you more room to retrieve items you may have left behind.